Hey guys ! 


Owner of mformemez.com (mfm)

Contact - a.someshsingroul@gmail.com

Address :- I am from chhattisgarh (India).

My facebook id - Somesh singroul
My Instagram - Instagram/somesh_singroul

My educations -

B.sc in Biotechnology and M.sc. in Chemistry.
I am still learning for B.ed.

Hobbies -

Video editing, animation and sports, like cricket.

How i start blogging -

As my hobby is video editing. So i tried to download some famous meme video clips on google but in every website i found only images, gif and png files. So i download memes video from other sources like youtube but i don't want to download youtube meme videos though other third party application. 
So then i search for meme video template and trim some viral video on there original videos or do screen record on my smartphone.
                  In that days i found some blogging video on YouTube and then i started blogging for helping editors to provide them meme video clips and other clips for editing. 

Work -

In past i m working for video editing. I edit video for my client. This work is my part time work. Now i am working on my website and also i am learning my course B.ed.


If you have any suggestions and doubt please let me know.

Please do not comment any spam link🙏